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::AgileCO:: CTO musing on XoIP(Mobile,Wireless,Cable,Wireline VoIP) SOA-WebServices and Security.

IBM Business Transformation

IBM's Business Transformation.

Business Week writes about IBM's focus on business transformation services: "BM, with its legions of PhDs and closets full of patents, is not built to duke it out with the likes of Dell. Palmisano's strategy promises a neat escape. Instead of battling in cutthroat markets, he takes advantage of all the low-cost technology by packaging it, augmenting it with sophisticated hardware and software, and selling it to customers in a slew of what he calls business transformation services. That way IBM rides atop the commodity wave -- and avoids drowning in it."

[E M E R G I C . o r g]




MSNBC: Ready for your close-up? Here come the vlogs is a great snapshot of videoblogging by Michael Rogers. He namechecks all our favorites including Rocketboom, Ryanne, Jay, Human Dog, Steve Garfield, and Dylan. He also mentions the tools making it easier to find videoblogs, such as ANT and MeFeedia. And, inescapably, Serious Magic's Vlog It! software, which nobody I know actually uses.

Check out Rocketboom's aggregation of SXSWi video/audio/pics/text and the official video coverage of SXSW for all the geekery you'd ever want to munch on.

If you're just looking for fun, please immediately watch Dylan's latest vid, Toys of Our Lives, where Dylan's dolls engage in sick and hilarious romantic shenanigans. Then why not see me "shake my thing" (am I saying that right?) on 6th Street in Austin for DanceFlash - it was like a mini-Burning Man.

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Do The VoIP Math.

Do The VoIP Math. Russell Shaw does the math and shows how VoIP is cheaper than a cell phone only.I agree. Which is why I think the wireless companies need to be in the VoIP business and fast.... [VoIP Watch]

Blog, Vlog, Podcast, Mobcas

Blog, Vlog, Podcast, Mobcast.

So many new words, so little time. Blog (web log), Vlog (video web log), Podcasting (including audio in your RSS (really simple syndication) feed for download into an Apple iPod or other MP3 player) and Mobcasting (mobile podcasting) an Andy Carvin acronym which posits the use of smart phones to create podcasts -- are all relatively new words that represent one extremely big idea -- unfettered plebeian access to the fifth estate.

Until a few years ago, governments (secular or non) had almost complete control of information. That made (and continues to make) information a form of currency -- like the military and other stores of economic value. These "new words" are much more powerful than the technologies they represent, they speak a new language of information and, to be sure, currency.

The value you will place on this information is in direct proportion to the use you have for it. Most people won't care about the rantings of a technophile or a housewife lamenting her need for appropriate child care -- or will they? Imagine a world where a group of protesters use their cell phones to acquire and document their experience with government forces and aggregate (and spin) that audio/video experience on the web. How about a simple group of friends witnessing a car accident or something worse.

We are at the dawn of a new era -- not the cliche version of the phrase -- "new era" the home game! Imagine the power of an individual when they are able to publish and internationally distribute audio and video more efficiently than CNN or Fox News. That's not years in the future ... it's already here. Want to believe? Check out some of the websites like http://tv.oneworld.net
or http://www.audiolink.com or http://www.audiolink.com and just play the tape .. err ... file to the end.


Small telecom carriers focus on providing choices.

Small telecom carriers focus on providing choices. WASHINGTON - As traditional competitive local exchange carriers (CLECs) retool to keep up with U.S. regulations and battle the huge regional Bells, a range of new business models are emerging. [InfoWorld: Top News]

Ten To Watch in Mobile Content

Ten To Watch in Mobile Content.

This is not a definitive list, just a list of smart young blood in the mobile content sector. Notice that except for one, none of them are CEOs (yet), but you’ll hear a lot from and about them in the next few years (that was the criteria). Just a way of recognizing the people in the second wave of mobile content (in no particular order):
» Greg Clayman, Vice President, Wireless Strategy and Operations, MTV Networks
» Rio Caraeff, mobile head at Universal Music
» Thomas Ryan, Senior VP, Mobile Development, EMI Music
» Mark Levy, VP content at InfoSpace Mobile
» Lucy Hood, VP, Content, News Corp
» Shawn Conahan (end of page), CEO, Intercasting Corp
» Adam Flick, Chief Marketing Officer, Airborne Entertainment
» Robert Tercek, Chief Strategy Office, mForma
» Manish Jha, Senior VP, ESPN Mobile
» Russell Beattie, Yahoo Mobile

I realize this is a US-centric list, and if you want to add to my list of the people influencing our fast growing sector, post them in the comments below…


Telesym Podcast: the Future of VoWLAN.

Telesym Podcast: the Future of VoWLAN. If you're interested in where Voice over IP over WLAN is heading in the enterprise, listen to this interview with Telesym: I met over in Bellevue, Wash., today with Telesym, a firm that extends an enterprise-based phone exchange (PBX) system into laptops, handhelds, and "scanners": bar-code devices used in retail and logistics by store and floor personnel. I spoke with Mike Houston, Telesym's director of Marketing, Ken Myer, senior VP of sales and marketing, and Jennifer Gehrt, a founding partner at Communiqué Public Relations about Telesym's position in the market, but more largely about the future of VoWLAN. (Ken had to leave for a meeting, so I spoke primarily with Mike in this podcast). You'll hear at the outset of the recording after my introduction a conversation we had using Telesym technology: I was on a USB headset connected to a Telesym client running under Mac OS X; Mike was on a cellular phone. I had the recorder up to the headphone on the headset; next time, I'll plug the recorder into the line out on the laptop to better demonstrate the quality. The audio file is available as an 8 MB MP3 download, a 6 MB MP3 compressed with ZIP, or your podcast-capable news reader should already have identified it.... [Wi-Fi Networking News]

CLEC New Business Model

CLECs search for new business models. WASHINGTON - Recent months have been tough for competitive local exchange carriers (CLECs), as their allies get gobbled up by competitors and the government dismantles network-sharing regulations. But CLECs say they will survive by adopting new business models and focusing on customer relations. [InfoWorld: Top News]

Podcasting The Night Away. Forbes:

Podcasting The Night Away. Forbes: "For now, Podcasting is no threat to radio as we know it. But pay attention to it. It may not always be called Podcasting, and it may not always be free in the way it is now, but as we've seen with MP3s, these things sometimes have a funny way of taking on a life of their own." [Adam Curry's Weblog]

New Free VoIP, Video & P2P IM Client using Open Standards.

New Free VoIP, Video & P2P IM Client using Open Standards.

ineen is new P2P IM software with VoIP and Video that's easy and free to use. The client was built using Xten's eyeBeam SDK and makes use of SIMPLE for P2P IM and Presence. VoIP is supported by SIP and the Video media is H.263[+]. You can use ineen to call over other networks as well, including: Free World Dialup, SIPphone, & iptel.org.

Xten will be demonstrating ineen at VON next week.


Searching for weather, by web or phone

Searching for weather, by web or phone As a kid, I would stare for hours at repetitious weather reports on TV. Boring, you say? Not to me - I love weather. And since I've worked here, I've wondered why Google doesn't do weather. It seemed like a perfect 20% project for me, so now I'm pleased to report that you can get current conditions and a forecast by typing [weather Chicago], or whatever your U.S. location is (zipcodes are also fair game). If you prefer, use Google SMS to send a text message to the U.S. five digit shortcode 46645 (GOOGL on most mobile phones) followed by your meteorological query.

Ben Sigelman

Software Engineer [Google Blog - Live]

VON 2005

Spring 2005 VON: In the News Today.

Investors Business Daily - March 7th: Internet Telephone Service Buzz Comes Calling At Big Trade Show
Mercury News - March 6th: Phone calls destined to be sent like e-mail, as packets of data (requires subscription)

[The Jeff Pulver Blog]


SODA. A month or so ago, I was reading a Gartner handout for a conference, and came across an acronym they invented- SODA[1]. SODA (Service-Oriented Development of Applications), as Gartner defines it, consists of the following areas:... []

Yahoo Web Service API

Yahoo Web Service API. Yahoo joins the growing number of web sites exposing their API as Web Services. Their API is available from Yahoo Developer Network.... []


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