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Anyone familiar with Teltik/Fone.do?

Good day. In my eternal (quixotic?) quest for a nearly perfect VoIP provider, I came upon Teltik Communications website: https://teltik.com/ Teltik is a T-Mobile business reseller that, supposedly for no additional charge, bundles a Fone.do cloud PBX with one DID and 100 minutes along with its cellular plans. I have been very pleased with my existing cellular plan with another T-Mobile reseller, 4G Antenna Shop. For the same plan that 4GAS charges $25.00/month Teltik charges $20.00/month and includes the Fone.do PBX and DID. Fone.do's basic unbundled plan is $15.00/month. Since Fone.do is still in Beta and I had never heard of either Teltik or Fone.do, I'm in no rush to jump ship. However, the bundle looks interesting. I would appreciate it if anyone who has or had experience with either would share her or his opinion.

[General] Coming Saturday, April 22, 2017: 833 Toll Free Numbers

Some sites state that the the FCC will start issuing 833 toll free NPA (area) code numbers on Saturday, April 22, 2017. The only announcement that I found regarding this was a PRWeb press release from ATL Communications dated January 2017: http://www.prweb.com/releases/2017/01/prweb13984846.htm Edit: Changed the title to reflect new information.

[Other] PSA: Callwithus toll-free termination price increase

E-mail received: Tue, Apr 25, 2017 "Dear Customers, because of the TF service abuse calls to USA/Canadian Toll free numbers will be charged at $0.003 rate effective May 1st 2017. --- CallWithUs.com team"

[Asterisk] Amazon Takes Text-to-Speech to Whole New Level with Polly TTS

We've put up a demo on SoundCloud of Amazon's Polly TTS service delivering Yahoo News using Incredible PBX for Wazo. It's not only flawless and almost real time delivery, but it's also dirt cheap. First year is free for 5 million characters a month. After that, it's $4 for a million characters of text-to-speech. Demo TTS at SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/nerduno/amazon-polly-tts-demo-delivering-yahoo-news-from-incredible-pbx Setup Instructions for Asterisk/Wazo on PIAF Forum: https://pbxinaflash.com/community/threads/amazon-polly-tts-service.21318/

BYOH ( Bring Your Own Hardware) Voip services for Canadians.

Hi Got myself a Obihai 302. Currently a CallCentric customer for home line. Looking to explore other options for additional lines. Want to add a business line & a call in only line to prospective employers in job search so when that line rings I know it is from one of those contacts unless it is a telemarketer of course. Already tried Voip-ms previously and not keen on having to pay them $25 upfront for service that may take many months to work off in usage. What are my most economical & fair options?

Trying to reach Sam@Circlenet

I am trying to reach Sam about a refund. Emailed him it will soon be 3 weeks ago. Thought he might still be reading this board. Feel free to PM me or email me if you recognize the nickname.

[PBX] FreePBX for the Raspberry Pi

The included script (install) and archive (install.tar.gz) will build FreePBX 2.11, 12, 13, or 14 plus Asterisk 11, 12, 13, or 14 on a Raspberry Pi. iptables, dnsmasq, exim4, and pygooglevoice are also installed. Installation takes a little over an hour to complete on a Raspberry Pi 3. Download the latest Raspbian image. For FreePBX 12, 13, or 14 Debian Jessie Lite is recommended: https://downloads.raspberrypi.org/raspbian_lite_latest For FreePBX 2.11, Debian Wheezy is required: https://downloads.raspberrypi.org/raspbian/images/raspbian-2015-05-07/2015-05-05-raspbian-wheezy.zip Write the image to an 8 GB or larger SD card. To accomplish this, I recommend imageUSB or Etcher: http://osforensics.com/downloads/imageusb.zip or https://etcher.io/ Prior to ejecting the SD card, create an empty file named ssh in the /boot/ directory (type NUL > ssh). Connect the Raspberry Pi to your LAN using an Ethernet cable. Insert the SD card and power up the Raspberry Pi. Copy install and install.tar.gz to the /home/pi directory. To accomplish this, I recommend WinSCP: https://winscp.net/eng/download.php Using an SSH client, log in using pi:raspberry. To accomplish this, I recommend PuTTY: http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/download.html Make the install script executable: $ chmod +x install Run the install script: $ sudo ./install When prompted: Set root password Select time zone (in US, use America, not US) Select FreePBX version Select Asterisk version Answer Edge option (FreePBX 13 or 14 only) Answer IPv6 option (Not recommended) Review selections Set Hostname (Item 2 / Hostname: FreePBX) Set Localisation Options (Item 4 / I1) Expand Filesystem (Item 7 / A1) Finish / Reboot Now: No The Raspberry Pi will reboot. Log in as root. If desired, enable PuTTY logging when prompted. The system will be updated and then reboot. Log in as root. If desired, enable PuTTY logging when prompted. Confirm install. Installation will proceed unattended and then reboot. Log in a root. Installation is complete. Utility scripts included in /root: abn / dbn / ebn / ibn / qbn =========================== Add / Delete / Export / Import / Query Blacklist Number add-fcc-blacklist / del-fcc-blacklist ===================================== Add / Delete FCC Blacklist exclusions.fcc ============== Numbers to Exclude from FCC Blacklist ipt-add / ipt-del / ipt-chk / ipt-dsp ===================================== Add / Delete / Check / Display iptables Entries cell-phone-presence-bt / cell-phone-presence-obi ================================================ Cell Phone Presence Detection pbx-backup / pbx-restore ======================== Backup / Restore PBX Configuration image-backup / image-shrink / image-mount ========================================= Backup / Shrink / Mount an Image of the System SD Card upgrade ======= Upgrade / Update Linux asterisk-13to14 =============== Upgrade Asterisk 13 to Asterisk 14 asterisk-upgrade ================ Upgrade Asterisk set-timezone ============ Set System and PHP Time Zone regen-ssh-keys ============== Regenerate SSH Keys clear-cache / clear-logs ======================== Clear Cache / Logs install-fax =========== Install Hylafax Server add-fax-extension ================= Add Hylafax Extension del-fax-extension ================= Delete Hylafax Extension purge-fax ========= Purge HylaFAX Server HylaFAX fax server ================== 1. Execute install-fax: ./install-fax 2. Execute add-fax-extension: ./add-fax-extension Multiple fax exntsions may be added to support simultanous sending and/or receiving of faxes. SendFax ======= SendFax is a program to send a fax file from Windows to a HylaFAX fax server. No installation is required and no changes are made to your system. Supported file tpyes are pdf, ps, tif, and tiff. A cover page can be generated and prepended to outgoing faxes. Leaving 'File to Send' empty will send only a cover page. To configure, click Edit -> Options: IP Address: (the IP address of your HylaFAX server) Port Number: (the port number of your HylaFax server, normally 4559) Username: (your username on your HylaFAX server, normally root) Password: (your password on your HylaFAX server, normally blank) Email Address: (the email address to deliver notifications to) Notifications: (notification types to be sent) Page Chop: (which pages to chop trailing whitespace from) Threshold: (minimum trailing whitespace (in.) before chopping is used) Modem: (which modem to use for outgoing faxes, normally blank) RPi-WiFi ======== RPi-WiFi is a program that patches a Raspberry Pi image file to allow Headless/Wireless operation without an initial configuraton requirement of using a keyboard, monitor, mouse, or Ethernet cable. No installation is required and no changes are made to your system. In addition to patching a Raspberry Pi image file, RPi-WiFi creates two files (init_wifi and ssh) which must be copied to the boot partition of the SD card prior to inserting it in the Raspberry Pi. If 'Permit Root Login Via SSH' is not selected, initial login must be done through pi:raspberry. After the Raspberry Pi boots, the image on the SD card will be restored to its original state. RPi-WiFi works with built-in or external USB WiFi adapters.

RESOLVED: Anveo.com and anveodirect.com websites down?

http://isup.me/anveo.com also shows them down. All phone services appear to be running normally. Edit: Back up and running.

[Other] Google Voice - Can't Get a Number

If this isn't the right place for this, let me know. I have contemplated posting this in the Google Voice Help Forums (the official ones from Google), but I have a hunch someone here has experienced this before. I seem to be unable to get a Google Voice number. Either in the legacy gVoice interface, or the new. Attached is a screenshot of their error. I have 2 verified phones, a VoIP Phone (voip.ms) and my cell phone. I've tried multiple numbers in the same area, different cities, you name it, same error. Has anyone experienced this and been able to resolve it?

[Unlock] Simple/Basic HTTP DNS DHCP Server for Windows

Howdy, Question that searching doesn't want to show me tonight.. The simple server software that gets recommended on this forum a lot... As memory serves it will do HTTP, DNS, and DHCP and maybe TFTP too? Simple redirect any/all DNS requests to the same (local) IP, can serve HTTP requested files.. TFTP64.exe and hfs.exe work but missing the creation of DNS records... Anybody know which software I am thinking of? Google is failing me tonight :(

[Other] ViaTalk support for NoMoRoBo

I'm a long time ViaTalk customer and am generally happy, but the volume of spam/robo calls is driving me crazy. That's not ViaTalk's fault, but I was hoping they would support NoMoRoBo since there is a ViaTalk simultaneous ring feature. However, in perusing NoMoRoBo's website, I didn't see ViaTalk listed as a compatible VoiP service. After putting in a ticket to ViaTalk customer service, I got this response:quote:ViaTalk compatibility with Nomorobo Hello _____, Currently NoMoRobo is not compatible with the way that ViaTalk currently handles simultaneous ring. However our engineering department is currently working on implementing it correctly, and we will send an email out to all customers once this has been done. Thank you, Doug Skinner ViaTalk Support

[Equipment] Wanted: VOIP phone that keeps a log of losses of SIP registration

Can you direct me to a VOIP desk phone (or soft phone) that keeps an internal log of losses of SIP registration?

configuring account & subaccount with different # on Obihai 302

not sure if this should be under Callcentric or under hardware forum. I am now attempting to configure new sub account. not sure i understand sp1 sp2 sp3 sp4 vs ITSP profiles A B C D I have primary account working, It justs gets muddy for me when I add other providers, or in this case 2 instances of 1 provider but with different 2 different authorized user names.

[CallCentric] CallCentric signup for inbound call plans - Typical or No?

So, after having taken CallCentric for a quick test drive, I ported my existing residential number. I chose pay-per-minute for both inbound and outbound calls to allow me to get a feel for my call patterns. After having used their service for 2 months, based on the 2 months of billing, I then decided to switch from pay-per-minute to flat-rate calling plans. The switch to a flat-rate calling plan for outbound calls would require a setup fee plus the prorated cost for the plan. However, the switch to a flat-rate calling plan for the inbound calls was not so straightforward. That would require that I first purchase another number, which I don't need, a setup fee plus the prorated cost for the plan, after which they would then switch the inbound flat-rate calling plan to my already ported number. Typical for the industry or atypical? Thanks.

VBuzzer acquired by VoIP Much

Probably this is old news for many, but I haven't seen any post about this here. Apparently it happened in March 2017. I was contacted by one of their employees because my web site had some setup instructions for ATAs, so I googled this and found http://www.vbuzzer.com/press/2017-03-01-VoIP-Much-acquires-VBuzzer-brand-and-recurring-subscriber-base.pdf


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