Fonality Signs Distribution Deals With Dell & JMI Telecom


Note:  Is it just me but why people keep calling PBXtra "Fonality’s Open Source Software"?  IT IS THE ASTERISK OPEN SOURCE PBX PLATFORM.  Just because you made a GUI and did some basic integration with other open source applications does not mean you can just take credit away from the people made the most valuable piece of code outside of the O.S.  I hope they are submitting bugs so we are progressing the platform ahead in general.  Guess is shows you what slick marketing can do for you.Fonality, a maker VoIP phone systems for small and mid-size businesses, has selected JMI Telecom to distribute its PBXtra VoIP-capable phone system. In addition, Dell  announced that it will begin bundling Fonality’s open-source software with its enterprise servers.

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