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My post on GigaOM on Voice APIs brought out some interesting companies to my attention, both in the comments and privately in email. One such company is Numbr, which I knew about already and covered here before.

The original Numbr service is now called iNumbr, and is still generating traffic. Like many “free” services, it serves as a demonstration of the technology they can deliver to others. They have come up with their own API (called teleAPI) and are working with companies to utilize Numbr's infrastructure in a variety of ways.

One thing I love about this particular company-and why I think they will be ultimately be successful-is that they are doing this without venture capitalist money. It's been bootstrapped with the founders own money and now operates profitably. They can take their time and build their business for the long haul as there is no external pressure for a large, quick return on investment.

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