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Protocolo H.323

H.323 es el protocolo más utilizado para la telefonía IP. Es un estándar publicado por la ITU, organismo responsable de estandarizar muchos sistemas de comunicación a nivel internacional.

H.323 Standards

For a history of previously approved documents and for current work in progress, please refer to the document status page.

Draft H.323 Core Documents
Version H.323 H.225.0 H.225.0 ASN.1 H.245 H.245 ASN.1 Implementers Guide, Errata
1996 (V1) H.323v1 H.225.0v1 h2250v1.asn H.245v2 H245v2.asn Complete Text
1998 (V2) H.323v2 H.225.0v2 h2250v2.asn H.245v3 H245v3.asn Document 1 + Document 2
1999 (V3) H.323v3 H.225.0v3 h2250v3.asn H.245v5 H245v5.asn Complete Text
2000 (V4) H.323v4 H.225.0v4 h2250v4.asn H.245v7 H245v7.asn Complete Text
2003 (V5) H.323v5 H.225.0v5 h2250v5.asn H.245v9 H245v9.asn Complete Text
2006 (V6) H.323v6 H.225.0v6
H.245v13 H245v13.asn Complete Text, H.245 Erratum 1, H.245 Erratum 2
2009 (V7) H.323v7
H.245v15 H245v15.asn
Complete Text
NOTE: The Implementers Guide must be read along with the standards. Important ITU-approved corrections are found in those documents. For some standards, the ITU-T has published Amendments and Corrigendum documents that must also be read with the standard. Please refer to the ITU-T Recommendations Page.

Other Related Draft Recommendations
Standard Document Title and Related Documents
H.235.0 Security framework for H-series (H.323 and other H.245-based) multimedia systems
H.235.1 Baseline Security Profile
H.235.2 Signature Security Profile
H.235.3 Hybrid Security Profile
H.235.4 Direct and Selective Routed Call Security
H.235.5 Framework for secure authentication in RAS using weak shared secrets
H.235.6 Voice encryption profile with native H.235/H.245 key management
H.235.7 Usage of the MIKEY Key Management Protocol for SRTP
H.235.8 Key Exchange for SRTP using secure Signalling Channels
H.235.9 Security Gateway Support for H.323
H.239 Role management and additional media channels
H.241 Extended Video Procedures for H.264
H.245 Control Protocol for Multimedia Communication (H.245 Editor's Page)
H.246 H.323/PSTN Interworking
H.249 Extended User Input Indications
H.341 Multimedia management information base
H.350-Series Directory Services-Related Standards
H.360 An architecture for end-to-end QoS control and signalling
H.361 End-to-End Quality of Service (QoS) and Service Priority Signalling in H.323 Systems
H.450.1 Supplementary Services Framework
H.450.2 Call Transfer Supplementary Service
H.450.3 Call Diversion Supplementary Service
H.450.4 Call Hold Supplementary Service
H.450.5 Call Park and Pickup Supplementary Service
H.450.6 Call Waiting Supplementary Service
H.450.7 Message Waiting Indication Supplementary Service
H.450.8 Name Identification Supplementary Service
H.450.9 Call Completion Supplementary Service
H.450.10 Call Offer Supplementary Service
H.450.11 Call Intrusion Supplementary Service
H.450.12 Common Information Additional Network Feature for H.323
H-Series Supplement 4 H.460.x Identifiers (H-Series Supplement 4)
H.460.1 Guidelines for the Use of the Generic Extensible Framework
H.460.2 Number Portability
H.460.3 Circuit Status Map
H.460.4 Call Priority Designation
H.460.5 Transport of Multiple Q.931 IEs
H.460.6 Extended Fast Connect
H.460.7 Digit Maps
H.460.8 Querying for Alternate Routes
H.460.9 QoS Monitoring Reporting (ASN.1 File)
H.460.10 Call Party Category
H.460.11 Delayed Call Establishment
H.460.12 Glare Control Indicator
H.460.13 Called User Release Control
H.460.14 Multi-Level Precedence and Pre-emption
H.460.15 Call Signalling Transport Channel Suspension and Redirection
H.460.16 Multiple-Message Release Sequence Capability
H.460.17 Tunneling RAS through H.225.0
H.460.18 Traversal of H.323 signalling across Network Address Translators and Firewalls
H.460.19 Traversal of H.323 media across Network Address Translators and Firewalls
H.460.20 Location Number for H.323
H.460.21 Message Broadcast for H.323 Systems
H.460.22 Security Profile Negotiation
H.460.23 Network address translator and firewall device determination in H.323 systems
H.460.24 Point to point media through network address translators and firewalls within H.323 systems
H.460.25 Transport of Geographic Information in H.323 Systems
H.460.26 Using H.225.0 call signalling connection as transport for media
H.460.27 End-to-end session identifier for ITU-T H.323 systems
H.501 Protocol for mobility management and intra/inter-domain communication in multimedia systems (ASN.1 File)
H.510 Mobility for H.323 multimedia systems
H.530 Symmetric Security Procedures for H.510

Draft Annexes
Standard Document Title
H.460.9 Annex B RTCP Extended Reports


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