8×8 Gets No Respect-But Deserves It


Back in the early days of my industry experience, 8×8 was a company I was familiar with only insofar as I knew they had a Check Point firewall and I worked for the company that provided support for them. Nowadays, I know them as a VoIP company, both in terms of providing service through their residential Packet 8 service, many of their business offerings, and of course their patent portfolio, which totals 73.

Carolyn Schuk does an excellent piece on her VoIP Princess blog about 8×8, their history, and how they compare to the competition. What I did not know was that they started a residential VoIP offering well before Vonage did-back in 2002!

While 8×8 still maintains the Packet 8 service, they make more money on less price-sensitive business customers. Their product portfolio is quite impressive. Unlike Vonage, they are profitable, yet somehow their stock price is lower than Vonage's. Go figure.

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