video: Ribbit Conference Gadget for Google Wave


Google Wave opens up to more developers today. Ribbit’s voice conference gadget is a featured bot. Here’s the demo. Q. What technology does BT/Ribbit have, making this possible, that Skype doesn’t? Q. Does this scale if Ribbit has to pay for each minute? Q. What advantages does decoupling chat from IM bring to users? From the Ribbit blurb: The Ribbit Conferencing Gadget allows Wave participants to escalate an online collaboration session to a real-time audio communications session, allowing participants to talk with each other while collaborating. The Conferencing Gadget is persistent in the Wave and allows any Wave participant to: Create an audio connection with multiple Wave participants Add non-Wave participants to the session Mute or hold any of the individual participants from the stream Disconnect any participants from the stream End the session tags: ribbit, skype, google, wave, googlewave, collaboration, conferencingCall me at +1-510-316-9773, Skype me, follow @skypejournal and @Phil Wolff.
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